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Recommended system requirements

For safer and more comfortable use of the Site, DOCOMO recommends the official latest versions of the following operating systems and browsers for browsing.
*Some pages may not function properly depending on the operating system or browser of the PC or smartphone.
*For some smartphone models, the Site or an external site linked from the Site may not operate or display properly even when using the official latest versions of the following operating systems and browsers.

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  • The Site uses SSL(Secure Sockets Layer protocol)to protect our customers’ personal information.
  • SSL is a security function for the purpose of protecting personal information and other important information exchanged over the Internet from interception by third parties. Personal Information entered on the Site by customers is encrypted using a 128-bit encryption key for the SSL encryption communications on the Site.
  • Recently, there are cases where third parties illicitly obtain user ID and password and attempt to log in the web service on the internet. DOCOMO takes necessary measures against the illicit use of customer ID by third parties; however, we strongly recommend that customers use two-step verification and handle password with care. The Site requires two-step verification for some services using d POINT. When logging into d ACCOUNT, please enter a security code that will be sent to your phone by SMS or to an email address that you have registered.
    What is Two-Step Verification ?
  • Fraudulent websites that disguise themselves to be a corporate site of DOCOMO have been reported. Do not visit these websites as they may infect your computer with a virus. Please see the address displayed at your internet browser to check whether the website is legitimate or not.

    ▼How to verify the Site’s legitimacy
    The Site address contains “dpoint.docomo.ne.jp/global”, "global-dpoint.docomo.ne.jp" and"smt.docomo.ne.jp".
    Other domains, such as “docomo-de.net.●●●.org/”, are of fraudulent websites.

Login Authentication

  • The Site uses SSO (Single Sign On).
  • If a website (not limited to the Site) using SSO owned and operated by DOCOMO has already authenticated your d ACCOUNT before accessing the Site, it may maintain your authenticated status. If you log in once by d ACCOUNT authentication, d POINT information including accumulated d POINT, the expiration date, and your membership number will be automatically displayed next time you login and until the authentication expires. Please take caution if you use any communication devices that might be used by third parties. If you do not want to log in using SSO, please remove cookies from your browser settings.
  • SSO uses third-party cookie (please refer to “Cookie”). It may not operate properly when third-party cookie is turned off.

Identity Verification

  • Some contents may require entering d ACCOUNT and security code for confirming your identity.

Social button

  • Please use social buttons linked to the Site at your own responsibility. DOCOMO assumes no legal liability or responsibility for any damages you may suffer in connection with your access to the social buttons and social media.

Location Information

(1) Display of map data that finds nearby stores

  • The Site allows you to obtain (meaning downloading a map and saving it on your device) a map of a search location or an area map that shows shops where you can use or accumulate d POINT (hereinafter referred to as “the Function”). This map is generated using Google Maps. Please comply with terms of service of Google when using Google Maps. Any partial or whole reproduction (including printing on paper), reprint, modification, or sale or redistribution of map data (including those that are saved on your smartphone) other than means prescribed in this section is prohibited without consent of Google.
  • A map and an area map including shops where you can use or accumulate d POINT will be displayed based on a current location of your device in use or an area name you enter into the search box.
  • Contents or links displayed in search result(hereinafter referred to as the “search result”)may differ from the linked page, may not be transited properly, or may be different from actual information or facts depending on update timing.
  • Display order and the number of the search result are periodically updated.
  • “Search location” or “Favorites” are kept on cookies on your web browser. Please note that deleting cookies also deletes these data.

(2) Notes concerning location information

  • Depending on connection status or other situations, information may be displayed differently even if accessed from the same location.
  • There may be some cases in which this feature is unavailable or a different area is displayed for the following reasons:
    ■Current location cannot be obtained due to the connection environment.
    ■Current location cannot be obtained within a designated duration (timeout).
    ■An expected error has occurred.
    ■The server is busy.
    In those cases described above, please try to access from another location or try again after a while.
  • If the device location notification feature does not work on your smartphone because the corresponding base station is newly built, or for other reasons, a message saying that the area or device location cannot be determined will be displayed.
  • There may be a discrepancy between the search result obtained by specifying a distance or range and an actual distance, or between a displayed distance and the search result, depending on the connection environment, other environments where you get your current location, the method of calculating/specifying the distance from an obtained current location, or the method of display.

Targeted advertising

  • Third party ad serving (which refers to ads distributed to suit the interests and preferences of users, hereinafter the same applies) is targeted advertising that the following advertising distributors deliver advertisements based on independently accumulated information including users’ attributes and browsing history.
    If you want to opt out of the display of targeted ads, please unsubscribe yourself from the following advertising distributor’s website.


Pages on this Site utilize JavaScript for more convenient use. If you have disabled JavaScript on your browser, some functions may not work correctly or may be displayed incorrectly. To be able to use all content on this Site, we recommend that you turn on JavaScript on your browser.

Links to this Site

In principle, links to this Site, whether commercial or non-commercial, are permitted without contacting DOCOMO in advance. However, please refrain from setting links that apply or may apply to the following.

  • Links from websites that include contents that slander DOCOMO and DOCOMO products, services, etc., or otherwise defame DOCOMO
  • Links from websites that include illegal information
  • Links from websites that include contents that violate public order and standards of decency or accepted social ethics
  • Links such as frame links or image links, which obscure the fact that information is from this Site (set the link so that the browser screen will change to this Site or so a separate screen will open and this Site will be displayed)
  • Links that may cause the viewer to misinterpret that there is some kind of alliance or partnership with DOCOMO or that DOCOMO acknowledges or approves the website linked to this Site

You may be asked to change the way that the link has been set up or delete the link even if none of the above conditions applies. Also, please note that the URL for this d ACCOUNT portal site may be changed or deleted without notice.

Warranty / Limitation of Liability

  • Use of this Site shall be made at the user’s own risk. Information on the NTT DOCOMO, INC. (hereinafter referred to as DOCOMO) Site has been carefully prepared and managed; however, DOCOMO does not guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, completeness, etc., of that information. DOCOMO bears no responsibility for any damages incurred from use of that information or from the inability to use that information.
  • DOCOMO may alter all or part of the information on this Site without prior notice. Furthermore, DOCOMO may suspend or halt operation of this Site.
  • DOCOMO bears no responsibility for any damages incurred from use of information acquired from third-party websites linked to from this Site or from third-party websites that link to this Site.
  • Users may be unable to use this Site as intended depending on their communications or computer environment, or for other reasons.

Copyrights and Trademarks

  • The copyright of materials (documents, photographs, illustrations, animations, sounds, software, etc.) on this Site are the possession of DOCOMO or other third parties and are protected by the Copyright Act as well as other laws and agreements. Excluding the extent of quotation and reproduction for private use that is approved in the Copyright Act, without the consent of the party owning the copyright, the reproduction, adaptation or public transmission of copyrighted material is prohibited.
  • DOCOMO products and service names that are on this Site are trademarks or registered trademarks of DOCOMO.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  • Although this Site can be accessed from countries around the world with differing laws, users of this Site and DOCOMO both agree that the use of this Site is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan and the regulations of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
  • Unless stipulated otherwise, the Tokyo District Court in Tokyo, Japan, shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first trial for all disputes in connection with all controversies and disputes arising out of or relating to the use of this Site.

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